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History: The aging Clarksville high school was torn down in 1985. Fortunately, the auditorium, built in 1934 with funds from the Works Progress Administration1, was spared.  Today the building is owned by the town of Clarksville and has been repurposed as the Clarksville Fine Arts Center and is leased to the Clarksville Community Players.


Significance to the community: In 2002, the main business district of Clarksville was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The only institutional building included in this designation is The Clarksville Fine Arts Center. It is the only place many children and adults can participate in music, dance, and theater arts.  It has grown to include programs for children, young adults, and seniors.  The facility also serves as a gathering place for community celebrations and performances. The Fine Arts Center is the only such facility serving this Kerr Lake community.

 State of the community: For decades, the economic prosperity o Clarksville was tied to tobacco and textiles. Today those industries are largely gone. While there is growth from tourism and information technology investments by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, the community remains largely rural.  Agriculture, forestry, and recreation are vital to the economy. Clarksville is unique in that it is the only lakeside, incorporated town in Virginia.  Kerr Lake, completed in the 1952 by the US Army Corps of Engineers, was primarily built for flood control and is one of the largest reservoirs in the Southeastern United States. Recreation replaced manufacturing and Clarksville was forced to re-invent itself.








Capital Campaign  Goals 

The arts are essential to the fabric of every community. As noted by Randy I. Cohen, VP of Research and Policy at Americans for the Arts, the top five reasons to support the arts are: arts promote true prosperity, strengthen the economy, are good for merchants, improve academic performance, and drive tourism.  The Clarksville Community Players and the Fine Arts Center Capital Campaign Committee have embraced these concepts as they raise the $2,000,000 needed to renovate an revitalize the aging Center. 






When the Clarksville Community Players began in 1973, the members were grateful for a place to perform.  They have worked hard over the years to keep the building functioning and available to the public for a variety of purposes. However, today the building is in need of essential repairs and renovations. This campaign will include expanding and modernizing restrooms, improving the lobby to showcase an art gallery, installing technical upgrades to lighting and sound systems, and  incorporating modifications to the backstage facilities including wing space. 


Significant Milestones:

Full Financial participation of the board

Board contributions on track to reach 10%

Support of the Clarksville Town Council

Support included in Proposed Clarksville Comprehensive Plan



Significant Contributors:


Kellog Foundation

Benchmark Community Bank

Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions

Morgan Lumber Co.










Become a Patron:

To become a Patron, just send your financial contribution in any amount to:

Clarksville Community Players

P.O. Box 952

Clarksville, VA 23927

Be sure to tell us how you want your name(s) to appear in our playbills and give us your mailing address.

For more information,  call and leave a voice message at

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